Who’s the Tiny Girl?

Here’s the quick & dirty:

Hi! My name is Amanda. I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, and 26 years later, I have decided to move to the United Kingdom with no itinerary, back up plans, or return date. Leaving my hometown with nothing but a work visa and some luggage, I will be venturing on to new experiences.

When the path reveals itself, follow it. – Cheryl Strayed

resume photo

You want my life story?

Before graduating university, I briefly lived in Holland in a town called Utrecht where I did a semester abroad. Since then, I was infected with the travel bug. That experience was the first time I realized how big and beautiful this wonderful world is. After completing my semester and travelling around Europe, I came back to Vancouver to finish my last semester of school. I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Communications & Publishing. Before entering the work-force, I told myself I needed to go on one more escapade – so it happened. I decided on Thailand, a place where almost all new grads flock to. I mean, crystal clear blue water, drinking out of buckets, and cheap food? What more could a post-grad (without a job, and almost no money) ask for.

Then, it was time to be a grown up. 

On the hunt, hungry to put my newly graduated skills into practice, I landed a job in a marketing department at a financial company. After two and half years of gaining some great work experience, I felt it was time for change. Bringing us to today. Picking up and leaving the country is a huge decision, but it is one that I think which will help me reach the goals I want to achieve in life – to push boundaries, be open to new ideas, people, and cultures. My hope is that this adventure will teach me things I never knew about myself, and to keep the curiosity in me alive.

Why should you read my blog?

I will be documenting about my journey overseas and everything else that makes my world go round. Expect to see everything from nerdy food pics, cheesy life-changing quotes, fashion finds, and the little curious adventures I find myself in. If that sounds interesting (or if you’re just bored) come on this journey with me! I hope that Tales of a Tiny Girl sparks your own curiosity, lots of imagination, and inspires you to find and pursue something you are truly passionate about.

Where did ‘Tales of a Tiny Girl’ come from?

Inspired by my cute small stature, my stories will be far from tiny. As the name suggests, come join my storybook adventure as I travel the world!


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