London Offices for the freelancers & the (f)unemployed

I’m (f)unemployed at the moment, so shortly after touching down in London, I was on the hunt to find cool and interesting coffee shops so I could pretend to go to an “office” where I can get some work done. But another reason for this list I’ve carefully curated below is to share some interesting places to visit if you ever find yourself in London!

Whether you’re a freelancer, student, or looking just for some plain old (delicious) coffee/food, some of these places might suit your fancy.

Finsbury Park

The Front Room
158 Tollington Park, London

Quaint café which has a great all-day breakfast/brunch menu. Old wooden tables, quirky décor, and worn-down copies of old novels, the atmosphere is much like grandma’s house 2.0.

Wifi: No
Suitable for work: No


The Hoxton
199 – 206 High Holborn Road, London

This is a trendy restaurant that has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends, trying to get some work done, or simply looking for a place to grab a coffee and pastry, look no further. There are a couple Hoxton’s around the city, and all of them seem to have a ‘cocktail lounge’ area where most people tend to work, and a sit-down area. It’s a young, hip, and modern vibe.

Wifi: Yes
Suitable for work: Yes

Holborn Grind
199 High Holborn, London 

If you can’t find a spot in the Hoxton, venture to the cafe in the next door over! Fitted with a hard bar in case you’d like a cocktail while you work, or just a regular espresso, it’s a nice place whip out the ol’ tablet and get some work done. If you need to go somewhere silent… this might not be your cup of tea, they’ve got the tunes playing to get your energy levels up!

Wifi: Yes
Suitable for work: Yes


The CoffeeWorks Project
96-98 High Street, London

This place is one of my favourites! It’s a hip cafe that has both tables and couches, so pick a spot and get ready to be productive. They’ve also got a great playlist going on which really got me in the work mood. Don’t forget to take advantage of the garden they have in the back! It’s a great place to get some fresh air!

Wifi: Yes
Suitable for work: Yes

27 Clerkenwell Rd

Reclaimed wood floors complimented by brick layer walls, Workshop is a cozy atmosphere where you can read your favorite book, or have a coffee-catch up with friend. If you need wifi, this might not be your ideal place… but it is quiet, so you can defiantly get in the zone.

Wifi: No
Suitable for work: Yes

Look mum no hands!
49 Old St, London

Part bike workshop, part restaurant, and part cafe, this place is great to get work done! Just before the entrance is an outdoor patio area which is great to have a beer on a rare sunny day in London.

Wifi: Yes
Suitable for work: Yes


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